Tenant Representation.

Our tenant representation methodology help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Whether we are providing clients with acquisition, renewal, relocation, or consolidation services, our tenant representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of the Western Australian office market combined with strategic problem-solving abilities and clear reporting methodologies.



Critical to the success of a tenant representation engagement is the effort expended at the outset to define what success will look like.

Factorre recommends undertaking a thorough Strategic Facility Planning exercise at the commencement of any engagement to fully understand the impact of any real estate decision in order to maximise benefits and mitigate risks. Due to the contractual periods expected in any commercial real estate transaction, errors or misjudgements in the planning phase may manifest into significant financial or other compounded risks.

This initial phase undertakes the following steps:

  • Existing property condition analysis
  • Organisational needs statement, linking the business strategy with the real estate workplace, and facility outcome.
  • Gap analysis of any shortfalls in the current property and organisational needs statement.
  • Recommendation to either mitigate shortfalls via capital expenditure in existing property or survey market for suitable alternatives.

The detailed plan will include the following outcomes and deliverables.

  • A statement of facility objectives
  • Risk analysis of options
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Sources and uses of funds
  • Operating expense analysis
  • ROI, NPV, IRR and payback periods
  • Lifecycle cost analysis
  • Cost / benefit rating of alternatives
  • Recommendations with clearly stated assumptions.

Other analyses may include the following,

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Lease versus Buy analysis
  • Buy / Build / Expand / Renovate analysis
  • Merger / Acquisition facility study
  • Analysis of highest and best use
  • Consolidation study
  • Decentralisation study
  • Space optimisation plan
  • Project estimation and scheduling
  • Stay / Go analysis

Key aspects included within any analysis will include:

  • Personnel space requirements
  • Meeting and team space requirements
  • Topology of space planning (including agile operating environments or Activity Based Working)
  • Client and other visitor interface arrangements
  • Technology requirements
  • Physical and cyber security requirements
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Exposure, signage and branding opportunities
  • Proximity associated risks, such as competitor or high-risk operations
  • Staff and visitor welfare, including engagement and entertainment opportunities



The diversity of space with the Perth CBD ranges from highly specified and globally recognised environmental market leaders to cost effective, heritage and “unique” spaces.

Knowledge of the who, what, when, how and – in some circumstances – why of developers and owners in the creation and management of these spaces is essential to knowing the whole story.

Engagement with the broad market is essential to uncovering the range of options available. Factorre engages with all agents and owners in the pursuit of your new premises, and by maintaining a strong professional relationship with all market players, we are able to quickly assess the opportunities and ensure response to public or covert briefs.

Factorre maintains one of Perth’s most detailed databases of over 700 CBD properties, gathered over a twenty year period, including qualitative engineering and operational assessments that enable rapid comparison of responses from market briefs.





Identification of the right space is a significant stage – however judicious management of this stage is important to maximise the “competitive tension” in negotiations. Factorre guides and executes this phase with the highest levels of professionalism to ensure your organisation is provided with the best commercial arrangement, whilst ensuring appropriate communication with all short-listed contenders.

The preparation of financial and qualitative analyses of shortlisted properties and engagement with stakeholders within the organisation is a key strength of Factorre, and ensures timely yet confident decision making with full disclosure of all options.

A number of key comparative analyses undertaken include IFRS16 / AASB16 expense analysis and analysis of the legal, environmental, and financial risks associated with the lease and premises.

Factorre works alongside a number of commercial design and project management professionals to assess the physical environment and the physical and financial impact of occupation by your organisation.



Formation of a binding legal arrangement, whether incorporating an Agreement for Lease and Construction Agreement, or moving straight into a Deed of Lease or Sublease / Assignment is the final phase in securing your new premises.

Factorre ensures that all commercial provisions are clearly documented and fully explained to the organisation, prior to execution of a Heads of Agreement (non-binding) which serves to instruct the solicitors (usually) acting on behalf of the Landlord to prepare final documentation.

Factorre works with all of Perth’s leading commercial property lawyers and law firms, and can make recommendations for your organisation based upon the complexity of the requirement, the financial impact of the lease and the experience required of the legal counsel retained.

Note that Factorre always recommends the engagement of external legal counsel to finalise commercial arrangements and ensure that the organisation’s interests are fully protected.